Free plans to build a backyard Birdhouse.

A cedar birdhouse is a great way to add a natural touch to your garden or outdoor space. Not only is it attractive, but it also provides a safe and secure habitat for birds to nest and raise their young. Cedar is an ideal material for birdhouses because it is naturally resistant to rot and decay, making it a long-lasting and durable choice.

Cedar birdhouses come in a variety of sizes and styles, from simple one-room structures to more elaborate multi-room homes. They can be used to attract a variety of birds, from songbirds and hummingbirds to woodpeckers and owls. Some cedar birdhouses are even designed to attract specific species, such as bluebirds or purple martins.

Cedar birdhouses are relatively easy to assemble and maintain. They should be placed in an area that provides protection from the elements, such as a sheltered spot under a tree or in the shade of a building. The birdhouse should be placed at least five feet off the ground and away from any sources of human activity.

When choosing a cedar birdhouse, it’s important to select one that has been treated with a sealant to protect it from the elements. This will help to keep the wood from rotting or warping over time. It’s also important to make sure the birdhouse has adequate ventilation and drainage, so the birds can stay cool in the summer and dry in the winter.

Cedar birdhouses are a great way to add beauty and charm to your outdoor space while providing a safe and comfortable home for birds. With proper maintenance, they can last for many years, making them a great investment for any bird enthusiast.

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