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A step stool is a piece of furniture that is used to help people reach items that are too high for them to reach on their own. Step stools can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage, and many other places around the home. They are also used in commercial settings such as libraries, offices, and retail stores.

Step stools are typically made from wood, metal, or plastic and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Some step stools have a single step, while others have multiple steps. Some step stools also come with a handle or a backrest for added support.

Step stools are an essential tool for anyone who needs a little extra height to reach something. They are especially useful for children and seniors who may not be able to reach items on their own. Step stools are also great for people who have limited mobility and need a safe way to get to higher places.

When purchasing a step stool, it is important to consider the size and weight capacity. Many step stools are designed to hold up to 250 pounds, but it is always best to double-check the manufacturer’s specifications to make sure the step stool can handle the weight of the person using it. It is also important to make sure the step stool is stable and won’t tip over when in use.

Step stools are a great way to help people safely and easily reach items that are out of their reach. They are an essential tool for anyone who needs a little extra height and can be used in a variety of settings. With the right step stool, you can make sure everyone in your home can safely reach the items they need.

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